I consider the idea of expertise to imply consistently effective decision making [and unproblematic decision making]. If this is the case then I believe that expertise does not and cannot exist in the real world but is an idealised notion to work towards and measure performance against. Therefore, expertise is an inherently problematic socially constructed label that is often misrepresented and used to ‘sell professional services’. Where does reflection fit into professional development? Are experts reflective practitioners? my answer to the latter is ‘not necessarily’. “Experts” by definition have sufficient understanding of the practical environment to be able to make sense of it without reflecting on practice. They can rely on existing schemas of understanding to navigate practical problems and because the “experts” are able to make unproblematic decisions they have no need to slow down and carefully pick apart their practice. But of course, we realise that perfection [like expertise] doesn’t exist but only as an ideal to work towards and measure oneself reflectively against.